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Not bad

I was almost afraid to click play because of the title, but i did and im glad i did. that was funny and so true xD

graphics were decent, though the small size was a bit annoying.

Very Nice!

I love how the animation is so simple yet appealing and smooth, also very funny. Though, in my opinion i think the ending was a little weak, i didnt laugh. and i dont even smoke so i wasn't offended either. it just wasnt that funny. but the rest of the animation was hilarious, good job.


that was crazy, i loved it. the graphics were good for the style and the storyline was so random, i never saw the ending coming like that. and the bunny ear thing made me laugh, very nice.

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The Blood Made This.

I loved the graphics in this, and i liked the fact you died in at least 2 distinct ways depending on the way you were hit. The graphics on the car where really nice, and the blood was amazing. But I do have to say I'm a little disappointed in the characters graphics. Seemed sloppy compared to the rest.

The medals where a nice touch, but could have had more of a variety such as taking advantage of the different deaths and using that to get medals. And the die 100 times medal just seemed too far fetched to me.

As for the game play, it was a bit frustrating at first but you do learn to do it at the right time. Maybe should have had a little bit of randomization on the intervals of the cars and the speed of the car itself (You might have done this but I couldn't really distinguish a difference).

I give this 7/10, good job!

It Is Unbeatable

But for that reason, its not necessarily a game. Also it could use some nicer graphics, or at least enlarge those ones to fit the stage.

I love it

played it serveral times, the graphics are simplistic but it works well and the game play is very unique and attracting, maybe take more mythical creatures and make games like this.

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Well Done

It does have the beat of an old school game, but you sort of throw a twist in there with those synths.

Overall its a good song, I like it the way it is, keep up the good work.


I have to agree with everyone, this is an amazing song but it just needs some vocals so the title actually works.

but overall this is an amazing song, ive listened to it a couple times now, and it always seems interesting.

great job on this one, and on a side note theres a lot of metal songs with romance stuff in them.

Thats really good

This could end up being a classic tune like twinkle twinkle little star!

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